Ethics & Sustainability

Our Team

Our ethics are uncompromisable and we proudly provide our team with competitive and above average compensation in an exciting atmosphere filled with trust and creativity.

Our Promise

Based in San Diego, California, we're surrounded by natural reserves, beautiful beaches, and warm weather. It's our mission to reduce our environmental footprint and we are proud to use recycled fabrics that are created using repurposed fishing nets and recovered plastic bottles.

How your order will arrive

Your bikini set will arrive to you in a reusable natural fabric bag made from 100% woven cotton. Within this bag you'll find your bikini set individually wrapped in a biodegradable bag produced from cassava starch. These biodegradable bags are organic and will decay in a landfill or compost.

Handle with care

Your bikini is meant to transcend seasons! To ensure your bikini set is long-lasting, follow the care instructions found on the inside heat press. Place your dry bikini inside the natural fabric bag when not in use.